Answer the questions

What kind of person was Rudolf?

What was his occupation?

What attracted attention of Rudolf in the street once?

What was written on the card which he had picked up?

Who did he see when he opened the green door?

Which way were the girl and Rudolf alike?

Did the girl believe that he had knocked at her door by mistake?

True or false

He lifted a postcard in the street and read it attentively.

It seemed to him that the most interesting things in life might lie in distant places.

Rudolf was always dreaming of a peaceful family life.

The dentist's name and address were printed on the card he had been given.

The adventurous piano salesman stopped at the corner and considered whether it was worth going there.

The door slowly opened and a girl not yet twenty stood in the room.

The girl fainted because of starvation.

Rudolf rushed to the nearest store to fetch some food for the girl.

Give Russian equivalents for the following words and expressions from the text and use them in the sentences of your own.

To be badly lighted.

took a quick glance

great poverty

unrealised dreams

low wages

As a matter of fact

To sigh deeply

The adventurous piano salesman

Discuss the following:

What’s the main idea of the story?

What is your attitude towards the main character of the story?

What are your emotions after reading the story? Did you like the plot?

Retell the text briefly. Give a character sketch of the main hero(es).

Find grammatical phenomena and structures which you have studied during the semester