Circle the correct item

1.Most men would like to share childcare duties with …

a) their partners

b) wives

c) parents

d) partners or wives.

2.Why would many fathers like to go to parenting classes?

a) To learn how to do day-to-day childcare.

b) Because they want to attend important school events.

c) Because they think it's important to be involved in the day-to-day care of children.

d) So they can be more confident in dealing with domestic issues.

3.How do Enforcer Dads view their role in childcare?

a) They don't see childcare as their responsibility.

b) They teach their children discipline by setting an example for them.

c) They keep children amused while their partner gets on with housework.

d) It's important for them to be involved in the day-to-day care of their children.

4. How do Fully Involved Dads find time to share childcare responsibilities with

their partners?

a) They run the home and the family, so their partners can focus on their professional duties.

b) They fit their work commitments to their partner's arrangements.

c) They often leave the office early.

d) They think it's their partner' s responsibility to negotiate flexibility at their workplace.

5. Entertainer Dad is at his best …

a) keeping his children laughing

b) allowing his partner to get on with household chores

c) arranging the children's school and extra activities

d) all the above mentioned.

6.Useful Dad is willing…

a) to help out around the house

b) to allow mother to be the 'team leader' in all things domestic and only help her.

c) to help children with home assignment

d) to do all the housework and be the 'team leader' in all things domestic.

7. What does Julie Mellor think employers should do?

a) Employers should provide both parents with equal pay and flexible working hours.

b) They should allow parent s to work from home so they can look after their children.

c)They should give women more support so they can take on more of the childcare responsibilities at home.

d)They should pay women more because they are often disadvantaged in the workplace.

8. All of the following words are synonymous with ‘chairwoman’ EXCEPT…

a) leader

b) manager

c) moderator

d) presiding officer

9. Which of the following words is an antonym to ‘disciplinarian’?

a) martinet

b) tyrant

c) despot

d) indulging boss.

10. The main idea of the text is …

a) Fathers are ready to participate in taking care of children, and this is surprising.

b) Fathers should be encouraged to participate in childcare more actively.

c) Working women want their partners to take over some childcare responsibilities.

d) Fathers are changing for better.